June 2024: Surround Yourself with the Right Professionals

Avengers Team of Professionals
Avengers Team of Professionals

Surround Yourself with the Right Professionals: In the world of development and construction, the path to success is often paved by the collective efforts of a well-coordinated team. This entire process is new to us and we couldn’t help but reflect on the importance of assembling the right group of professionals. You need an “Avengers team” around you from the beginning. Select your team wisely, and in reflection, based on experience and not necessarily price. The super squad needs to include general contractors, civil and structural engineers, surveyors, attorneys, architects and Web and Social media developers. Careful planning and collaboration are paramount. A missed timeline in this industry doesn’t equate to merely adding an extra day. Most reschedules come with a hefty 30-day price tag that directly adds the same amount if not more on the time. Very costly. Hence, having the right team in place is not just a choice; it is a necessity.

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