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Our Family - The Rustic Daisy Event Barn

Family and Community, Announcing the Rustic Daisy Barn Blog: Our family has
embarked on an incredible journey, leaving behind corporate jobs to wholeheartedly pursue a new adventure – raising a barn and open an event center.

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Choosing a barn event venue offers a unique charm and rustic elegance that modern venues often can’t match. Here are ten reasons why a barn wedding might be perfect for you. They have a rustic charm! Barn venues exude a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for a romantic setting. They are very versatile. These spaces can […]

Nestled in the heart of Ada County, Idaho, where the whispers of the wind carry tales of bygone eras, the Rustic Daisy Event Barn is undergoing a metamorphosis. Born from the bones of an old barn, this project is more than a renovation—it’s a revival, a journey back in time infused with modern charm. Join us as we meander through the enchanting progress of this rustic gem, where the past is honored, and the future is being meticulously crafted.

Curtis and Codi Bills at the Ada County Courthouse

Navigating the intricacies of local regulations and approvals is often a daunting task, and our experience with the Planning and Zoning Commission in August 2024 was no exception.

Rendering of the Rustic Daisy Event Barn

They say the money is in the details, and in August 2024, we learned this lesson firsthand. A great visual or rendering can be a double-edged sword.

Old Cottonwood Tree at Rustic Daisy Event Barn

As we moved into July 2024, our focus shifted to the physical transformation of our project. The entrance, which had long been marred by towering but dying cottonwood trees, was in dire need of a facelift.

Avengers Team of Professionals

Surround Yourself with the Right Professionals: In the world of development and construction, the path to success is often paved by the collective efforts of a well-coordinated team.

Beyond the Blueprint at The Rustic Daisy Event Barn

This journey isn’t without its challenges; in fact, some of the most profound lessons emerge from the unexpected and the humorous. Yet, it’s in these experiences that we find ourselves rising to a greater purpose, deepening our dedication to family and community.

Beyond the Office Walls at The Rustic Daisy Event Barn

For those of us who’ve spent countless hours in corporate offices, pushing papers and chasing deadlines, this venture is a breath of fresh air.

The Shed - Rustic Daisy Event Barn

A unique lesson emerged from an unexpected situation. When a homeless couple asked to temporarily stay in our shed due to a broken-down truck, we hesitated initially but eventually agreed.